The small gardens

It is not without reason that Frederiksberg is known as the green heart of Copenhagen. Not only do we have the expansive Frederiksberg Gardens and Søndermarken, but a number of other gardens, too, each of which, in their own way, measure up to international gardens around the world, such as the University Gardens at the University of Copenhagen and the small gardens of the Royal Danish Horticultural Society (Haveselskabet). There are also a number of small parks, gardens and green areas which all help make Frederiksberg the green district.

The Royal Danish Horticultural Society Garden (Haveselskabets Have)

The Royal Danish Horticultural Society Garden (Haveselskabets Have)
The area, which is approximately 14,000 m2, was designed by the renowned landscape architect H.A. Flindt.
Over the years, different parts of the garden have been restored and landscaped by the talented landscape architects of the different eras. In 2002, a theme garden featuring grasses was designed by landscape architect Jane Schul, who, in subsequent years, has added a water garden and a herbaceous garden. Landscape architect Jane Schul chaired The Royal Danish Horticultural Society from 2001 to 2010.
Today, the garden houses a number of beautiful gardens, both classic and contemporary, with many interesting, old and rare plants and plant compositions, providing experiences all year round. See the various gardens on the garden plan below.

Address: Frederiksberg Runddel

The University Gardens (Landbohøjskolens Have)

The University Gardens (Landbohøjskolens Have)
The University Gardens (Landbohøjskolens Have) The garden was founded in 1858, at the same time that the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University was built. The area is known today as Frederiksberg Campus, and it is part of the University of Copenhagen.

It all started with an open field, far away from Copenhagen, where a garden was designed that is now a major attraction for staff and students of the faculty as well as local gardening enthusiasts and visitors from afar alike.

There are now several gardens on campus, and the gardens and all the green areas around the buildings at Frederiksberg Campus together form the University Gardens.

Frederiksberg Campus stretches from Grundtvigsvej in the west to Ågade in the east, and is bordered by Bülowsvej to the south and Den Grønne Sti to the north.

The University Gardens were landscaped according to the romantic style of the day and contain many of the elements typically found in gardens of this style: a pond, a creek, a rockery, a rose garden, a copse, groves and open areas, patterned beds and flower beds, etc. The central part of the garden is now known as The Romantic Garden.

The University Gardens offer ample opportunity to see how the plants change with the seasons, from stemming to flowering, fruiting, autumn colours and winter dormancy. Much to the surprise of most visitors, flowering trees and shrubs can be seen all year.

See the diversity for yourself – all year round. The areas are open to the public.

Address: Thorvaldsensvej

The Rose Garden (Rosenhaven)

The Rose Garden (Rosenhaven)
Between Allégade 12 and Ludvigs Minde is Hollændervej. If you follow this little road, it takes you to the Rose Garden.
From about 1860, this was where Frederiksberg tram depot was located. With the disbanding of the Frederiksberg Tramway, the area was abandoned. In 1966, a public rose garden was established, where you can experience different rose varieties, many of them beautifully scented.
Signs show the names of the roses. As you leave Allégade and make your way into the rose garden, you will be struck by the quietude as the small garden conduces relaxation and romance.

Address: Allegade

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