The Coffee Collective


The Coffee Collective is a micro-roastery with three coffee bars and a coffee school, whose aims go beyond simply selling coffee.

The Coffee Collective is about giving people an exceptional coffee experience and quality assurance from farm to fork. Through Direct Trade®, we work with coffee farmers on the development of sustainable production of quality coffee.

At our roastery, we develop special roasting profiles for each coffee, which we roast in small batches several times a week to ensure that the coffee is always fresh. The Coffee Collective is run by the owners themselves, which include two world champions in coffee. Together with our dedicated baristas, we wish to show new sides to what coffee can be and share fantastic coffee experiences with you.

The Coffee Collective


Godthåbsvej 34 B
DK-2000 Frederiksberg

Opening times:
Monday – Friday 07:30 – 19:00
Saturday 09:00 – 18:00
Sunday 10:00 – 18:00


Tel: +45 6015 1525

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