Modern buildings in Frederiksberg

Many famous architects have worked on Frederiksberg’s urban development. Listed below are a few examples of buildings old and new that have changed the face of the district, and are worth taking a second look at.
Several examples of the functionalism from the late 1920s and several decades on can be found here, including Radiohuset, the functional houses on Emanuel Olsens Vej and Novozyme’s buildings on Nordre Fasanvej.
Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - The Elephant House at the Zoo

The Elephant House at the Zoo

Copenhagen Zoo was given a new Elephant House in 2008. The British architect Norman Foster designed the facility and the Danish landscape architect Stig L. Andersson then designed the outside area. In order to build the new Elephant House, a smaller area of Frederiksberg Gardens had to be incorporated in the facility. So it is now possible to watch the elephants going about their daily business from inside Frederiksberg Gardens. The Elephant House is partially dug into in the ground. The two glass domes in the roof construction let light into the elephants’ stables.

For further information about Copenhagen Zoo, click here

Address: Roskildevej 32

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Radiohuset


Radiohuset (Broadcasting House), the former headquarters of national Danish broadcaster DR, was designed by the architect Vilhelm Lauritzen, and Lauritzen’s practice was also behind TV-Byen in Søborg and DR Byen in Ørestad.

Construction of Radiohuset began in May 1936, and in December 1940, the first programme was aired from Radiohuset.

The architect of Radiohuset has incorporated usability at every step of the way. The building was originally divided into three elements: The high wing where the main entrance from Rosenørns Allé is located. To the right is the low wing, and right out onto Julius Thomsens Gade is the trapezoidal concert hall.

Danmark Radio’s relocation to Ørestaden freed up Radiohuset for other activities. The building is currently used by the Royal Danish Academy of Music, which has owned the building since 2001.

Address: Rosenørns Allé 22

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Novozymes


Novos’ (now: Novozymes) building on Nordre Fasanvej from 1934 is designed by Arne Jacobsen. It has been nicknamed “Arne Jacobsen’s white factory”. In connection with the construction, and for the enzyme factory’s canteen, Arne Jacobsen also designed 200 chairs. It was the famous ‘Ant chair’, which is found in many homes around the world.

Address: Nordre Fasanvej

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Frederiksberg Centret shopping centre

Frederiksberg Centret shopping centre

The shopping centre is built on old railway land where Frederiksberg Station was located when it was an S-train station, and a small freight terminal was also located here.

The centre consists of 90 shops spread over four floors. There are 450 parking spaces with free parking for up to 2 hours. Next to the centre, the Metro stops at the underground Frederiksberg Station. There is direct access from the station to the centre.

In April 2016, the European ICSC European Shopping Centre Awards took place in Milan. FRB.C Shopping won the award for the best renovation of a medium-sized shopping centre. An international jury from ICSC judged Frederiksberg Centret on the basis of a number of criteria, including retail mix, architecture and the overall economy of the centre.

For more information, visit the centre’s own website here.

Address: Falkoner Allé

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - The Court in Frederiksberg

The Court in Frederiksberg

The new courthouse from 2012 is designed by the architectural firm 3XN. It is located next to the old courthouse from the 1921. The neoclassical building was designed by Hack Kampmann.

The new building has eight courtrooms and offices with facilities for judges and other personnel. The building is linked to the old court building by a walkway on first floor level.

The building should be viewed from all sides as it contains architectural details all the way around.

Address: Howitzvej

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Højhuset


A huge building was built on Thorvaldsensvej and Rolighedsvej in the years from 1963–1971. Although the building is known as Højhuset – the tower block – it is only actually six floors high in addition to the ground floor, but it really stands out in the Frederiksberg landscape.

The architects Mogens Koch and Steen Eiler Rasmussen were responsible for the large, high-rise building of durable reinforced concrete, and this type of building is of a style that some people like to call “brutalism”. However, it belongs to the modern period.

Address: Thorvaldsensvej

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Hospice


The Deaconess Foundation’s new hospice is located on Dronningensvej. A much discussed building, which several people are already calling the “gold house”. The hospice is designed by Nord Architects with Rambøll and MASU Planning as sub-consultants.

Address: Dronningensvej

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Dalgas Have

Dalgas Have

The Dalgas Have building is from 1988 and designed by Henning Larsen Architects who also designed and built the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh and the new Opera House situated on the waterfront of Copenhagen harbour

Henning Larsen Architects’ buildings at Dalgas Have have been designed on the basis of a desire to create a building that interacts with the changing Danish light. The inflow of light and openness – skylights that are reflected and activated in water, and courtyards help to combine daylight with indoor light.

Address: Dalgas Boulevard

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Funkishusene (the functional houses) on Emanuel Olsens Vej

Funkishusene (the functional houses) on Emanuel Olsens Vej

The double houses on Emanuel Olsens Vej designed by Hans Dahlerup Bertelsen are classic functionalism, placed together on one street. The entire street appears as a functionalist whole, and is well worth a visit by anyone with an interest in architecture.

Address: Emanuel Olsens Vej

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Copenhagen Business School

Copenhagen Business School

The school has around 20,000 students and more than 2,000 employees. CBS receives around 1,000 exchange students on an annual basis. The school was formerly divided into two faculties: the Department of Economics and the Department of Language, Communication and Culture, but, as of 1 January 2007, switched to a mono-faculty structure.

CBS offers both full-time and part-time education programmes. Full-time students can become Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D.s – corresponding to a regular university qualification. In addition, they can upgrade their skills while working by taking an HD (diploma in business administration) or an ED. And finally, they can take management courses: MBA, Master and Executive.

The school has facilities in four buildings at Solbjerg Plads, Dalgas Have, Kilen and Porcelænshaven. CBS Library on Solbjerg Plads serves the school’s staff and students, but is also open to the public. However, some sections are reserved for the staff and students.

Address: Solbjerg Plads

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Frederiksberg Gymnasium

Frederiksberg Gymnasium

Frederiksberg Gymnasium (6th form college) is designed by Henning Larsens tegnestue. The building opens up towards the city – and with its vestibule, hall and sports hall, embraces the surrounding urban life as a direct part of its internal dynamics.

The school’s façade is 50 metres long and three storeys high. From the main hall, there is access, via a wide staircase, to flex rooms and the sports hall in the basement, and via a wide staircase to the upper floors, which are light and transparent.

Address: Solbjerg Plads

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Kilen


Kilen (the wedge) is one of several buildings belonging to CBS that best reflects today’s architecture – at its very best.

Externally, Kilen has a triangular shape and rests on two grassy hills. The glass façade creates a smooth transition between light and landscape and the interior of the building.

Outside, the building is screened by movable vertical shutters in a combination of wood, stained glass and metal, giving the building a varied expression. Inside, an organically shaped atrium stands five storeys high. Large circular windows let in light from above, casting both diffuse and direct sunlight down, and creating interesting light and shadow effects in the inner courtyard.

Address: Solbjerg Plads

Modern buildings in Frederiksberg - Domus Vista

Domus Vista

Domus Vista is located on Nordens Plads off Roskildevej, and, at a height of 102 metres, is Scandinavia’s second tallest residential building – surpassed only by Turning Torso in Malmö, which was inaugurated in 2005.

The building is designed by architect Ole Hagen and was completed in 1969.

Domus Vista has 30 floors and houses 470 flats. The lower floors were originally a hotel with a restaurant, function rooms and bedrooms. The hotel closed in the early 1970s. In its place, there is now a shopping centre and a library branch on the ground floor.

Address: Nordens Plads

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