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One of the things that makes Frederiksberg so special is its many local craftsmen and women, including numerous local gold and silversmith designers. They are found all over Frederiksberg. On Peter Bangsvej, there is Guld og Grønne skove. On Godthåbsvej, you have Guldsmed Keldorfs and Guldsmed Allan Bayer. Dennungs sølvsmedie on Nyelandsvej. On Værnedamsvej, you will find Guldsmed Charlotte Balle and Pigen og Diamanten. On the high street, Gl. Kongevej, there are several, including Guldsmed Dirks, Heart & Arrows, Æstetik, Guldsmed Ghita Ring, GraaHovind Guld and Henning Stryhn’s smykkekunst.

Frederiksberg is a mecca for fashion designers and dress designers. The royal dress designer Jesper Høvring has a shop on H.C. Ørstedsvej, where there is always something to please the eye when walking past. Here, you will also find ME AND JAKE, who design party wear and dresses.

Isaksen Design with its simple design in black, white and red, has a store on Gl. Kongevej.

The local label and famous hand-made Graae Copenhagen’s belts can be purchased at Zorning on Gl. Kongevej.

Soulland is a label for young people, based in Frederiksberg. The store selling Soulland clothes is found on Gl. Kongevej.

Local children’s clothes labels Milibe, which is found on Gl. Kongevej and Cam Cam, which has a showroom on Allegade, close to the Town Hall.

Of local skin care manufacturers, we can mention the well-known Rudolph Care by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, and her products can be purchased at Greenskin on Gl. Kongevej.

Frederiksberg is the place to come to enjoy a good beer, and it goes without saying that the district has its own brand of beer from Frederiksberg Bryghus. The special Frederiksberg beer can be purchased from their own shop on Nordre Fasanvej, among other places.

In this context, we can also mention the local and acclaimed gin, Geranium, which is available from Juul’s Vin & Spiritus on Værnedamsvej, among other places.

Local ceramicists include Helle Gram, who is based on Allegade.

And local furniture design can also be found in Frederiksberg. At ENCODED by Bøttger on Værnedamsvej, you can, for example, find a furniture collection produced in untreated teak combined with leather and used seat belts.

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