Art in Frederiksberg

You will soon find that art is a natural part of the urban space in Frederiksberg.

Art in the district

Art in the district - Art in Frederiksberg
On your tour of Frederiksberg, you will often come across art out in the urban space. This can be anything from sculptures to paintings.

The internationally renowned artist Bjørn Nørgaard designed the square in front of the Gimle canteen at the Agricultural University, University of Copenhagen Faculty of Life Sciences.

There are, in addition, several statues in Frederiksberg’s many gardens. For example, Frederik VI welcomes you at the main entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens, while Oehlenschläger stands on top of Frederiksberg Bakke in Søndermarken.

Gable paintings

Martin Bigum gable painting - Art in Frederiksberg
Frederiksberg has launched an initiative to have more gable paintings on the city’s many gable ends. As a result, several exciting new paintings are set to emerge in the city over the next few years. This is a perfect example of the fact that art in Frederiksberg can be many things.

One of the newer paintings is Martin Bigum’s gable painting on Falkoner Allé (pictured on the left)

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