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Frederiksberg was once known for its ladies with blue hair. This was an attraction in itself for visitors, especially young people from the countryside. Today, Frederiksberg is a district that has long since brushed the cobwebs off itself, and its good schools have attracted a lot of new families. The expansion of the two campuses at Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Life Sciences draws thousands of young people to the area every day.

What the many residents and visitors who frequent the area find most appealing about Frederiksberg is the combination of its green areas, with its large gardens, avenues of trees in virtually all the streets, its architecture and the wide range of local shops and the large FRB Center shopping centre. The special Frederiksbergian environment has been created through many years of urban development, which have nevertheless managed to maintain the green, village-like atmosphere, despite being Northern Europe’s most densely populated municipality, with more than 100,000 inhabitants.

The urban environment in Frederiksberg is a mix of green areas and architecture, with the palace, social housing, functionalist villas and industrial sites that have been transformed into modern residential areas. The green oases are primarily Frederiksberg Gardens, Søndermarken, the university gardens at the University of Copenhagen, and the small gardens of the Royal Danish Horticultural Society (Haveselskabet) at Frederiksberg Runddel. However, they are also found dotted around the town on 5. Juni Plads and Frederiksberg Allé, among other places. Buildings of special architectural interest include the old workers’ homes in Carlsberg byen, “Den hvide by” (the white city) in the Peter Bangs Vej neighbourhood, and the new homes built on the old industrial site in Dalgas Have, where TDC’s cable factory was previously situated, and Porcelænshaven, which used to house the production of porcelain for the Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory.

The Frederiksberg vibe and its signature stores

The area is visited by thousands of people every day, who come here to study, shop, look at the architecture, landscape architecture and, not least, visit Frederiksberg’s main attraction, the Zoo.

The feeling of being in Northern Europe’s most densely populated municipality is gone as soon as you set foot inside Frederiksberg Gardens, where there is abundant wildlife including ducks, geese and herons. There is even a chance of seeing baby elephants as you make your way around the gardens, which offer a peek into the Zoo’s elephant compound.

What’s special about Frederiksberg is its local vibe – a vibe created by its residents shopping locally, taking their children to school, driving to and from work, or going to one of the many theatres on Frederiksberg Allé. Frederiksberg has students and entrepreneurs – the highest concentration of entrepreneurs in many industries. There are many well-known local products and brands, which are and continue to be developed in Frederiksberg. These include one of the world’s most acclaimed gin brands, Geranium, and Graae Copenhagen, which makes belts, etc., and which is in demand all over the world, and Soulland, which designs clothes for the younger generation.



Shopping takes place at the internationally recognised Frederiksberg Center, which has 90 stores, or at the array of local shops in the area’s shopping streets. Frederiksberg offers ample opportunity for high street shopping, experiencing the city vibe, and browsing in the local shops. There are many local signature stores selling local crafts and a unique range of products put together by local shopkeepers, based on their personal expertise, standards and experiences. They only sell the best, as the average income of the locals is above average, and they are looking for so much more than the standard products offered by chain stores. For them, shopping is an experience involving the purchase of local products and design. So there is a wide range of shops in Frederiksberg selling their own brands and attracting visitors from afar – every day.

Frederiksberg signatures

Food: Slagter Lund, Slagter Friis, Windsor Fisk, Frederiksberg Chokolade, Peter Beier and Rein Van Hauen.

Fashion designers: Jesper Høvring and ME AND JAKE and JADE Design, Isaksen design, Milibe, Cam.

Clothes and shoe shops: Zornig, Rue 153, Xandra, Crace and Soulland.

Ceramics: Creative Space

Wellness & skin care: Rudolph Care, Greenskin, Beauty Avenue Spa & Brow Bar

Sport and leisure: Naturligvis, Kingfish dive and travel, FCK’s Fanshop, Endurance and Rolsted Heino cykler.

Vintage: Crace, Kornes ure and Roxy Antik.

Furniture: Falkoner Møbler and FICK.

Cafés: Mauds Cafe, Cafe Ipsen, Cafe Bertel and Cafe Kellerdirk.

Bars & beer bars: Berlin Bar, FRB Ølbar and Cafe Svejk, Vinstue 90’eren, Alleenberg, Grock and Cafe Intime.

Restaurants: Formel B, Meincke & Hurtigkarl, Frederiks Have, Sokkelund, Restaurant Fabio, Meyers Deli, Promenaden, Bjørnekælderen, the small family gardens, Allegade 10.

Theatres: Avenye Teater Betty Nansen and Edison.

Sights: Carlsberg Byen, the Cisterns, Frederiksberg Palace, Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg Gardens, the small gardens and the university garden.

Shopping: Frederiksberg Centret shopping centre, the Royal Porcelain Factory (Royal Copenhagen). Kongevej, Falkoner Alle, Peter Bangs Vej, Godthåbsvej, H.C. Ørstedsvej, Værnedamsvej and Frederiksberg Allé.

Gourmet Frederiksberg – cafés, restaurants and beer bars

The special Frederiksberg vibe is also found at its cafés, restaurants and beer bars, situated in and around Frederiksberg Center and on all shopping streets, Frederiksberg Allé, Gl. Kongevej, Godthåbsvej, Falkoner Allé, Peter Bangs Vej, H.C. Ørstedsvej and Værnedamsvej.

Frederiksberg’s proximity to Carlsberg cannot be denied. Good beer is found in its many beer bars, which are well worth a visit, such as FRB Ølbar on Falkoner Allé, Cafe Svejk in Smallegade, Berlin Bar and 90’eren, which are both located on Gl. Kongevej. Looking at the more traditional bars, you have Alleenberg and Grok on Pile Allé, not far from Frederiksberg Runddel.

Restaurants come in many varieties, with and without Michelin stars. Among the latter is the restaurant Formel B on Vesterbrogade, which was awarded a Michelin Star in 2016. Do not despair! There are several other restaurants that might not have been awarded the Michelin Star but, by virtue of their high standards and creativity, count among the absolute elite. These include Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl at Frederiksberg Runddel, Frederiksberg Gardens on Smallegade. There is, in addition, a wide range of restaurants specialising in Italian, Mexican and French cuisine, not to mention a number of sushi restaurants. And it goes without saying that there are restaurants where Danish cuisine is very much the order of the day, such as Promenaden on Frederiksberg Allé and Restaurant Allegade 10 on Allegade. Finally, there are classic Danish open sandwiches and Danish dishes to be had on Pile Allé in Hansen’s old family garden and Petersen’s family garden, where you will find the same wonderful ambience as at Grøften in Tivoli, for example.

When it comes to cafés in Frederiksberg, several have their own unique style, including Cafe Sokkelund in Smallegade, Cafe Den Blå Hund on Godthåbsvej, Cafe & Restaurant Granola on Værnedamsvej, Bertel’s Cafe on Falkoner Allé, Mauds Cafe and Cafe Ipsen, both on Gl. Kongevej.

Newer, trendier places we can mention include Cofoco on Værnedamsvej and Salon 39 on Danas Vej.

Local gourmet artisans

When it comes to gourmet in Frederiksberg, we simply have to mention the local gourmet artisans, such as the area’s leading bakery, Van Hauen, which has been in the city for generations. The bakery and the shop is on Gl. Kongevej, not far from the Town Hall. The best always attracts others who want to have a bash at being the city’s best bakery, and the area has become something of a mecca for bread and cake lovers.

Among Frederiksberg’s gourmet artisans are several butchers, who attract many visitors from afar with a large selection of their own products. These are Slagter Lund on Peter Bangs Vej, Slagter Friis on Falkoner Allé and Slagter Lars on H.C. Ørsteds Vej.

Frederiksberg also has its local chocolate makers. Frederiksberg Chokolade has both its production and a shop on Frederiksberg Allé. We should also mention the famous Peter Beier chokolade, which opened its first store on Falkoner Allé.

The local Frederiksberg honey from Frederiksberg Gardens can be purchased from Gourmand Ostespecialisten på Gl. Kongevej.

Meyers Deli enjoys a central location on Gl. Kongevej and the entire, far-reaching Meyer food empire has its roots in Frederiksberg.

The same applies to the French-inspired food store Letzshop, which is also located on Gl. Kongevej.


Danish design and local Frederiksberg brands

The Royal Porcelain Factory (Royal Copenhagen) was centrally located in the heart of the city. The porcelain factory has today been transformed into modern housing and home of the Copenhagen Business School. Royal Copenhagen porcelain can still be purchased at the old factory on Søndre Fasanvej, which has now been converted into an Outlet store. There is a Georg Jensen Outlet store here, too.

Other classic Danish design includes the Bang & Olufsen (B&O) shop, which you will find by Falkoner Allé, not far from the Town Hall. Second-hand B&O equipment can be found at Best Buy on Gl. Kongevej.

In the town’s shops you will find classic furniture with all the great Danish names such as Wegner and Jacobsen. Here, we can mention Falkoner Møbler on Howitzvej, Asia House and Anton Dam, both on Gl. Kongevej.

If it’s antiques you’re after, Roxy Klassik on Godthåbsvej is the place for you. The new furniture designers are to be found at FICK, just a few hundred metres down Gl. Kongevej from the Town Hall, formcph and designdelicatessen on Frederiksberg Allé.

Finally, there are a number of small shops such as Mumuland on Gl. Kongevej, selling ceramics, etc. And if you’re looking for a family activity, there’s Creative Space on Gl. Kongevej, where you can paint your own pottery and have it fired.

If you’re interested in antiques and recycling, then you’ve come to the right place in Frederiksberg. Second-hand stores are scattered throughout the area, ranging from Red Cross shops to stores selling clothes of a very high quality, such as Grace på Gl. Kongevej, right by the Town Hall.

Every Saturday throughout the summer, there is a large and well-attended recycling market behind the Town Hall – Frederiksberg Flea Market.


Local crafts and local brands

One of the things that makes Frederiksberg so special is its many local craftsmen and women, including numerous local gold and silversmith designers. They are found all over Frederiksberg. On Peter Bangsvej, there is Guld og Grønne skove. On Godthåbsvej, you have Guldsmed Keldorfs and Guldsmed Allan Bayer. Dennungs sølvsmedie on Nyelandsvej. On Værnedamsvej, you will find Guldsmed Charlotte Balle and Winbergs Jewellery. On the town’s high street Gl. Kongevej, you will find Guldsmed Dirks, Heart & Arrows, Æstetik, Guldsmed Ghita Ring, GraaHovind Guld, Henning Stryhn’s smykkekunst, among others.

Frederiksberg is a mecca for fashion designers and dress designers. The royal dress designer Jesper Høvring has a shop on H.C. Ørstedsvej, where there is always something to please the eye when walking past here. Here, you will also find ME AND JAKE, who design party wear and dresses.

Isaksen Design with its simple design in black, white and red, has a store on Gl. Kongevej.

The local label and famous hand-made Graae Copenhagen’s belts can be purchased at Zornig on Gl Kongevej.

Soulland is a label for young people, based in Frederiksberg. The store selling Soulland clothes is found on Gl. Kongevej.

Local children’s clothes labels Milibe which is found on Gl. Kongevej and Cam Cam, which has a showroom on Allegade, close to the Town Hall.

Of local skin care manufacturers, we can mention the well-known Rudolph Care by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, and her products can be purchased at Greenskin on Gl. Kongevej.

Frederiksberg is the place to come to enjoy a good beer, and it goes without saying that the district has its own brand of beer from Frederiksberg Bryghus. The special Frederiksberg beer can be purchased from their own shop on Nordre Fasanvej, among other places.

In this context, we can also mention the local and acclaimed gin, Geranium, which is available from Juul’s Vin & Spiritus on Værnedamsvej, among other places.

Local ceramicists include Helle Gram, who is based on Allegade.

Frederiksberg Guiden


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