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Gallery Oxholm opened in November 2011 in Nørrebro, Copenhagen with the ambition to exhibit art of high quality and for everyone. The opening of the gallery not only captured the certain spirit of that time, but has also come to defined the agenda of what we do today. Of what we love. To show relevant art we think captures the essence of contemporary life and thought.

Our program is comprised of Danish and international artists. The artists represent varying techniques, media and practices and can as such be defined as a group not by one collective aesthetic and style. They wish to express ideas and visions, to tell stories and share those with the surrounding world.

2014 marked a year of transition and new focus for the gallery, as the we moved into our current space at Frederiksberg. Today, we continue to build our work with Danish and international artists through in house exhibitions, collaborations with other galleries and participation in art fairs.

We see it as our responsibility to provide personal collaboration and engagement with each artist and act in helping with production, communication with other parties and also managing both a written and visual archive for each artist. Finally, we are a public space that presents high quality contemporary art to the public.

Come share the art with us – we look forward to seeing you!


Pile Allé 25
2000 Frederiksberg 

Mandag-tirsdag :lukket

Ondsdag – fredag 13.00-17.00
Lørdag 11.00-14.00


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Tlf: +45 2341 2333

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