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Attendee of classical jewelry design with a master in cultural communication, spending four years of his youth living in different parts of Denmark, and from this in his adulthood gifted with firm friendships t in all the major parts of the country; Mathias Vidas Olsen’s life has been far from ordinary. But a life lived with stories, is a life well remembered.

Through his wandering Mathias learned how a small country still could be filled with vast expanses of variety, not only in landscape but also in human characters. As time went by, he learned that what unites people in Denmark is the connection not only to the present-day landscape, but the connection to a landscape that itself stretches across time; a landscape that is brimming with the stories of people throughout the ages.

Here in Denmark you can find runestones in remembrance of people who died in forgotten wars thousands of years ago. In Denmark we know the local stories and legends and by traversing the Danish landscape, young Mathias learned to understand that what makes a country is not its borders, it is not even the people who inhabits the country; it is the stories we tell about ourselves – about our country. The identity of the people is in the stories.


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