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Gardenia Copenhagen has been creating classic sandalsshoes and bootsfor women in elegant design for generations. All our footwear has an iconic stylish expression which clearly refers to the strong Danish design tradition. Gardenia Copenhagen is a traditional family owned brand established in the Danish capital Copenhagen. As a brand Gardenia has has been driven by a great curiosity towards new tendencies and fashion currents since the very beginning in 1941. Today the third generation owner is continuing this direction, and we are still defined as a trendsetting key player defining future style directions in high end footwear. Our designs adorn feet of women of all ages, and in our diverse collections we carry a rich selection of footwear, so no matter the weather we will make sure to get you properly dressed for any occasion.


Gammel Kongevej 107
1850 Frederiksberg C

Mandag-fredag 11.00-18.00
Lørdag 11.00-16.00


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Tlf: +45 53 56 67 43

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