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As far back as she can remember Tina Lorien has always loved the art of photography. She was fascinated, already in her childhood, by the pictorial display in fashion magazines and the skillful subtleties within each individual photograph. Consequently, Tina was taken in by the expressional methods of visual art, and although she initially hid her inner photographer and limited her camera’s acquisition of subjects to her family  and friends, she ended up in Italy, as an art-production assistant.

For twenty-five years she lived in Tuscany where her medium of choice was bronze and marble, but slowly the interest in photography reemerged; first blooming as a contributor to stock photography, then as a photo inspector on iStock, and finally as a gallery owner and art photographer, who focuses on the hidden gems that suddenly materializes in the temporal everyday life During the trip to India she experienced the plethora of sceneries and explored the photogenic nature of the country with her iStock colleagues. She found it almost impossible to let go of her camera – and it was the profound experience of the trip, and subsequent photographic results – that led her to the idea of creating a combined exhibition, featuring the picturesque captures by herself and her fellow companions.

To this day, Tina Lorien is still on the hunt for the magic in the day-to-day life, and humbly feels more like a photography lover than a fine-art photographer. Nevertheless, she manages to combine the two identities, and it is exactly in this blend that you will find the essence of her expression.

– Patrick Dan Lorien



Frydendalsvej 31
1809 Frederiksberg C

Wednesday – Saturday 11-18


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