Baby Babbo


Babbo is an Italian inspired, little, cozy eatery, where we take a special interest in our neighborhood and very much in attendance for them.

Baby Babbo will produce cheeses, ham, sausages and other delicious things that catches our interest in our little kitchen.

So when you hang out at Baby Babbo, you always get the very best we can do.

In our wine cooler you will find many natural wines that we have a great love for – but there will always
be room for the heavy dark wines as well – they sort of belong to Frederiksberg.


Godthåbsvej 62
(2 trin ned)

2000 Frederiksberg 

Wednesday to Saturday : 09:30 – 00:00

Sunday : 09:30-14:30


Facebook / Instagram:

Tlf: +45 31327361

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