Auren’s Deli


Auren’s Deli is a neighbourhood delicatessen and bar, fueled by our farm situated in Kirke Hyllinge in Lejre Kommune.

Auren’s Deli’s store is intended to make high quality, organic produce availiable to everyday people. Familiar and uncommon produce that encourages conversation & creativity.

Alongside fresh produce from our farm & others in Sjælland, we offer a curated selection of wine, coffee, cheese, charcuterie, bread & preserves.

During the evening, the space becomes a warm and familiar environment to enjoy wine, a bit of food & music.

The menu changes daily, but you can expect us to always be serving sandwiches from opening and an everchanging offering of food focused on the produce we have availiable to us. Hydration-wise, we offer filter coffee, tea, a selection of soft drinks, beer, cider and wine.

Keep up to date on the daily menu, deli selection and vegetables in season on our Instagram or take a look at our producer page, where we have listed the producers and products we currently work with.


Godthåbsvej 35, St.TH
2000 Frederiksberg 


Mandag closed

Tirsdag  8-16

Ondsdag 8-16

Torsdag 8-18

Fridag 8-18

Lørdag 8-18

Søndag 8-16


Facebook / Instagram:

Tlf: +45 2341 2333

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