One week closer to Christmas time, so we collected some events, including many Christmas themed happenings for you to enjoy during this week. There are all kinds of things to attend, so for sure you can find something interesting for you and your family and friends.

In this post you can find all kind of happenings, we found interesting to attend. For more information about the events, just click on the hyperlinks and check out the original event.

14th December 2017 – Thursday

Winter concert with Røst

It is already middle of the winter! It feels like it is dark all around the clock and the cold wind is cutting through the bones. Don’t you need a break of the darkness? Well just come to the concert of Røst. Besides the song “Pop you know almost Røst will sing selected songs from the repertoire – including  some Christmas spirit too! It will be a cozy evening with clear voices and stardust. Door open at 19:30 and the concert starts at 20:00 with free entrance.

15th December 2017 – Friday

Kings of Rock

After more than 1000 concert all over Denmark Kings of Rock takes over this weekend the stage of The Old Irish Pub to entertain with the biggest songs of Guns’N Roses, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, DAD and many more!

16th December 2017 – Saturday

End of the Year Drinks at Gallerie Lorien

As another year draws to a close, they would love to get together and celebrate the end of the year with the new and old faces of ImmigrantART … YOU!! This year they have had some great collaborations (with Integrationshuset Kringlebakken, Johan Borups Højskole, HopeNow – Empowering Trafficked People, Arbejdermuseet & Arbejderbevægelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv,Cinemateket) and showcased artists work at various public institutions. The countries of origin of the artists have included Afghanistan, El Salvador, Spain, UK, Canada, Syria, Brazil, Denmark, and Bosnia. Bring a friend, bring your family, or come alone and join them at Gallerie Lorien in Frederiksberg to celebrate 2017!!!

Live: Kirsten Dahl

Kirsten Dahl most importantly communicates with her Danish shows and ballads and with tenderness and sensitivity. From grandmother’s protective, warm understanding of existential concerns over the misery of the individual in the society. It’s like having a deep conversation with a good friend.

Live: Bjørn Stig Møller

Lyrical spelling, crisp voice and well-played guitar accompaniment are keywords for the evening’s guest. Bjørn Stig Møller has been moving around the songwriter scenes for a while and has also visited last year’s Copenhagen Songwriter festival.

17th December 2017 – Sunday

Christmas closing at Fasangården

This Sunday the popular Aarstiderne, opens the doors for the last time this year at Fasangården, before the house gets a well-deserved Christmas break. There is an extra boost for the Christmas decorations with  drinks and eating, as well as activities for young and elderly.

During the day, there is awesome food served such as duck-dogs are served –  a special version of hot dog with confectioned duck with a fermented flavor. Free entrance!

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