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Would you like to explore Frederiksberg, but don’t know where to start to look for cool spots?

Welcome to the Instagram route of Frederiksberg.

We are happy to introduce you a walking tour in Frederiksberg, which was developed by 4 Masters students of Aalborg University. The students worked in collaboration with Visit Frederiksberg and collected some important data about the city for us and for their university project, to see how tourism could be improved and to help our work. They showed some pictures presented on our Instagram profile to several tourists in the centre of Copenhagen. The most liked ones were chosen to be included in this route. The competition ends on the 6th of May 2018.

To see the virtual map, please click on the picture below. When tapping on the blue points, you can see a picture of the spot popping up, as a little teaser of what you can find there.

The walk starts and ends at Copenhagen Tivoli (of course it is up to you, where you start and finish, but we recommend following our steps) and has 9 stops. It takes you around the city centre, so you can see various attractions, including architecture, wall paintings, the parks, or exhibitions. The 9 stops are marked with blue on the online map and are the following:


  1. Central Hotel and Café – Tullinsgade 1
  2. Street Art Storm P – Ingemannsvej 8
  3. Plant Science Center – Bülowsvej 34
  4. The Wedge – CBS – Kilevej 14
  5. CBS Dalgas Have – Dalgas Have 15
  6. Frederiksberg Gardens – boat trip
  7. Frederiksberg Palace
  8. Søndermarken Statue
  9. The Cisterns

We would like to celebrate the introduction of this tour with a competition!

If you would like to participate in this game and win a 1000kr gift card to Zornig on Gammel Kongevej, located on the biggest shopping street of Frederiksberg, visit at least 3 spots mentioned on the list above and take a photo of them. Upload these photos to Instagram and use #explorefrederiksberg (click here to see the photos already competing), so we can find your picture.

There is an other rule! Take it slow and enjoy! Check out our Instagram profile to see some other spots on your way, or places to have a nice coffee or drink in between the attractions of the Instagram route.

We are looking forward to your way of captioning these hidden and not so hidden gems of Frederiksberg.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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