In my design work I can not hide my background in natural science. Before throwing myself over working with silver & gold, I got a bachelor degree in science from The University of Roskilde, RUC.

In the university world, I was often more fascinated of the forms & structures of molecules & cells in an aesthetic sense, rather than the scientific outcome. The heading “In fluctu vita” originates from the motto of RUC; the full motto sounds: “In stillness death, in movement life.” In my design process the emphasis is on living objects, things in movement.

I am striving towards an expression that catches this movement in an aesthetic & interesting way – creating living design. As an example I chose literally to be inspired from The Blood of Christ to form the foot of a Chalice for The Church of Østerhåb, out of red blood cells, erythrocytes. The forms of these cells are quite tempting and obvious to interpret into aesthetic usable objects, that are interesting to watch.
– Michael Weihe

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