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This week you can come to more lectures, concerts and joint experiences on Frederiksberg. We are looking forward to them already.

The week offers a range of cool local events and arrangements. Visit Frederiksberg and weFRB would like to guide you through some of them. This is your personal guide for this week in Frederiksberg.

Wednesday – 24th of October

Happy dinner: Communal eating in KU.BE

From September there is a communal dinner every Wednesday in KU.BE: Cosy evenings with dinner at a long table and good atmosphere. With the shared dinner (fællesspisning), KU.BE creates an event for citizens in the local area to meet at Café Glad every Wednesday at dinner time. The weekly happy dinner will be at 17:30 today. The evening’s setup is a long dinner table where you get together and share the food. The menu is varied everyday with focus on ecology and health. There will be always a vegetarian meal option as well. Children under 2 years are free to join, the price for the dinner for children until 8 years old is 49 DKK. Adults 79 DKK. Beverages (beer, wine and water) and dessert can be purchased in the café. Tickets are sold at the front desk of KU.BE. Only MobilePay or bankcards are accepted.

Intimate concert experience with Mads Westfall at Avenue Hotel

Mads Westfall is a very popular artist recently, and you are welcome to come and see him ar 20:00 o’clock on this Wednesday. In August 2018, Mads Westfall released his 5th album “Den tid der er gået” (The Time Running), which is among the most popular ones on the channel of DR P5, and has received great reviews. Performing in intimate and private surroundings is not new to Mads Westfall, who has played many concerts in private homes since the early 90’s. He is looking forward to moving the presence, the humour and the strong lyrics into the low-fi universe at Avenue Hotel. The doors open at 19.30 – and you will find the ticket for 260 DKK via the link here.

Free tasting: Bonde til by holds food tasting at Karmaman

Madsamling Frederiksberg is closed and reopened as Bonde til by with even more local food producers who bring locally produced raw materials to Frederiksberg. And today, from 15.30 o’clock, several manufacturers come up with a series of delicious tastings of their products.

Thursday – 25th of October

Is there someone? Reumert nominated theatre concert at Edison

Er der nogen? (Is there someone?) was a big success regarding the professional reviews and the audience and all seats were sold out in the past years for any of the performances. On this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, from 21:00 o’clock and on Sunday from 15 o’clock you can experience this humorous and sensitive piece again, which draws marks, destiny and feelings in a portrait of the universal eternal quest after love, togetherness and fellowship. It is an open request written in earnestness in a desire to get in touch with other people. To be seen to be chosen to be something special for someone. It happens in Edison. You can buy tickets from 135 DKK via the link here.

Blues Festival: Wayne Baker Brooks plays in Bartof Station

Wayne Baker Brooks plays on Thursday from 20:00 o’clock in Bartof Station. He is the youngest son of the legendary Chicago guitarist Lonnie Brooks, who died in April, and brother of Ronnie Baker Brooks, who was playing in Amager Bio a few years ago. He became “Born and Raised in Chicago, Illinois” and considered to be one of today’s top guitarists whose style is a combination of powerful vocals and “liquid four” guitar games that both honours the great blues heritage but also extend the boundaries of the genres. You can find the ticket for 250 DKK via the link here.

Free presentation about traveling: Trekking and culture in Nepal

At 19:00 o’clock you can hear about Nepal in Eventyrsport at Frederiksberg Center about the time when they collaborated with Kipling Travel. Be inspired by an amazing trip to Nepal – filled with the world’s largest natural and cultural challenges! For Kipling Travel, Nepal is part of their DNA, and they have travelled extensively in the country for 30 years – in fact, throughout the whole country, not only to Annapurna and Everest. Would you like to hear more about why it is so easy to fall in love with the country? Or what makes Nepal a trekking paradise and a great opportunity to meet a rich cultural life – you can register for free by clicking here.

Friday – 26th of October

Free release and concert in an intimate setting with Rasmus Matthiesen at Sound Station

On this day, Rasmus Matthiesen publishes the album ‘New Ideals’ and sets the mood for an acoustic instore-concert at Sound Station. It will take place from 17:00 o’clock. Afterwards it will be possible to buy the album on vinyl and drink a beer. Rasmus says about the new album: “It’s about my doubts, my love, my ups and downs, my choices, frustrations and defeat, dreams, aspirations and ideals that are being described and resolved. At the same time, the lyrics of the album is an outline of the ideals of these days. I have taken a lot of detours in life, which I do not want to leave beyond. The title thus binds my personal accounts and ideals together with my glimpse on the world ”

Beats and Bubbles: Friday bar in Avenue Hotel

Avenue Hotel on Åboulevarden invites you again from 18:00 o’clock for a cosy Friday bar with sparkling wine and cool DJ-tunes. The entrance is free.

Free Austrian wine tasting

From 14 o’clock today, you can taste the wines of one of Austria’s best producers, Nittnaus, when Andreas Nittnaus visits MENY on Nordens Plads and offers a number of his wines.

Saturday – 27th of October

Free lads’ party: Robbie Williams Jam at The Old Irish Pub

At 23:00 o’clock, The Old Irish Pub in Smallegade is wrapped in happy tunes when Robbie Williams Jam goes on stage. They play all the big hits from the four Robbie Williams records. From Angels over Millennium and Rock DJ to Feel and Come Undone.

Sunday – 28th of October:

Salsa-Sunday in Kedelhallen

Kedelhallen offers lots of dance with salsa on Sunday from 19:00 to 23:00 o’clock with different salsa lessons. It’s both for beginners and experienced folk. The entrance costs 50 DKK.

Trash, fun and good exercises: Trash-hunt in Søndermarken

Once upon a time Mikkel and Rasmus went for a walk in Søndermarken and started to collect garbage randomly. After a couple of hours, they ended up having over half a box filled with paper, cans, bottles, cigarettes and plastic. Join them and repeat their successful trash-hunt on Sunday at 12:00 o’clock. Rasmus and Mikkel provide equipment (plastic gloves, rubbish containers, etc.) – just bring your good or bad mood and be ready for a lot of exciting conversations during the hunt for garbage. Come alone or as a group, both are fine.


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