If next weekend, then FRBDAGE (Frederiksberg Days)! And why?

These 3 days you can enjoy the great summer weather, community and city life on an other level.

The whole city gathers together, and different businesses, cultural institutions and artists are collaborating in various spots of Frederiksberg to bring joy and entertainment to everyone, who decides to join the event.

This year the spotlight is on the motion in Frederiksberg. The city is part of the Bevæg dig for livet (Move for life) sport vision, which is trying to get even more Danes to move and experience the joy of exercising. In collaboration with this vision, FRBDAGE offers many good and fun motion experiences in different forms and genres.

Enjoy the Silent Disco on Allégade with great music, only you can hear through the headphones or join the city walks in the beautiful gardens, enjoy theatre activities, join the family day in Lindevang Park on Sunday or take a boat trip just to mention few activities you can participate in.

Please take a look at the more detailed program below, choose your favourite arrangements and plan your FRBDAGE in advance.

8th of June – FRIDAY (for more details click here)

Various events (flea markets, concerts etc.)  are taking place on different spots, such as Frederiksberg Rådhuspladsen, Peter Bangsvej, Gammel Kongevej, Frederiksberg Center, Solbjerg Plads.

The Zoo and KU.BE offers adventures for the little ones.

If you are a fan of museums, visit Bakkehuset and Møstings Hus or The Cisterns for a great art experience.

The lovers of motion and sports can sauna in Frederiksberg Swimming pool, yoga in Frederiksberg Gardens.

If you are looking for music or theatre, there will be lot of entertainment all over the city, take a look at the link above for the details!

9th of June – SATURDAY (for more details click here)

Similar to Friday, Saturday’s events are concentrating on markets, gastronomy, music and good atmosphere on many locations around Frederiksberg, such as HC Ørsteds vej, Værnedamsvej, Peter Bangs vej, Henrik Steffens vej, Godthåbsvej, the green parks etc.

The link above offers you a great insight to the detailed program.

10th of June – SUNDAY (for more details click here)

This day is mostly paying tribute to the theme of this year’s celebration, Move for life! From 10 am you can participate in the big Cycling Day, where you can take your bike and your family for a cosy 7-8 km long tour around Frederiksberg. Do not forget to send your application for the event until the 6th of June (storecykeldag@frederiksberg.dk). The participants receive refreshments and the children medals after the tour.

Besides the bike tour, you can also join the Family Day in Lindevangsparken with your family of all generations. Different businesses and organisations will offer great and free adventures for everyone in the family.

If you still have the energy after all these events, Frederiksberg invites you for a 5km long run (or walk, up to you! 😊) from 13:00 o’clock. Everyone gets a medal, but the first ones can expect some presents as well! Don’t forget to apply for the run: https://topptid.no/myreg/info/2243.


Join us on this year’s traditional celebration of Frederiksberg and its people. The whole city is going to embrace festivities and colours, while shops, associations and citizens welcome residents and guests with open arms to show the best of Frederiksberg!

The full program is available on this link: http://frbdage.frederiksberg.dk/

We hope to see you there!

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