Guide to your week in Frederiksberg: Free enjoyment, constitution day and a special food waste competition

Guide to your week in Frederiksberg: Free enjoyment, constitution day and a special food waste competition


This week offers several free theater performances. Then you can celebrate constitution day, party in front of Revymuseet. And then you can participate in a very special food game competition, as well as a free and guided tour of Haveselskabets Have.


The week offers a wide range of cool events in Frederiksberg. guides you to some of them.


Monday, June 4th


My Home Is My Castle: Home and Lifestyle Fair at Frederiksberg Runddel

Today and tomorrow is the last chance to come to the home and lifestyle fair at Frederiksberg Runddel My Home is My Castle. Here you will find everything in interior decoration, flowers, handicrafts, activities, fashion, gastronomy and well-being. Tickets cost 120 kroner.


Label of Life – a free show with and about anger, young men!

At 19:00 you can experience the mark of life as part of the CPH Stage. The performance is free and gives voice to those society does not hear. Young ones who are angry against the parents, the community, women, the strangers and themselves. Meet the attitudes and feelings we are not interested in, but that can be of great importance to all of us in the future, because anger is the engine of society’s polarization. The performance lasts 1 hour and 20 minutes of the following questionnaire, where the audience can participate in the conversation and ask questions. You can find free tickets through the link here.


Tuesday 5th of June


Constitution Day in Frederiksberg

The Social Liberal Party clebrates the constitution day at Revymuseet at Allégade. It will take place from 12 to 14. Here you can meet and hear talks from among others Ida Auken, Lone Loklindt, Morten Helveg Petersen and Sofie Carsten Nielsen. The event will be held in English.


The Liberal Party celebrates the constitution day at Diakonissestiftelsen, Peter Bangsvej 5B, from 10 o’clock. The speakers of the year are: Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Mayor of Employment and Integration, Copenhagen. Jan E. Jørgensen, MF, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the City and Environment at Frederiksberg. Tommy Ahlers, Minister for Education and Research.


Liberal Alliance celebrates the constitution day on Lindevangs Allé 6. It takes place between 13 and 18, when an unnamed minister will speech.


Extremely democratic – free performance under CPH Stage

Radicalization and extremism fill the newspapers’ faces and the politicians’ talks – and move citizens’ voices. But what are radical attitudes really? How do you get radicalized – and by who? And why do we talk about it all the time? Meet a diverse group of people who have had

radicalization and extremism are very close to life, and experience them telling you to be part of outermost environments, feeling marginalized in society – and in the gray areas for what you can as part of a democratic society. On the way in and out of extreme environments. On what questions you should ask for your own and others’ opinions. And about the limits of what democracy can hold. The performance plays the Edison stage between 19 and 21. And the free tickets can be found through the link here.


Cookie Baking and Father’s Day Gift at the Children’s Museum

Many have a free constitution day. Therefore, the Children’s Museum organizes a couple of extra events where you can make a gift for Father’s Day as a child, and between 14 and 16 can bake their own delicious cookies at the Children’s Museum. Choose your own fun shapes and decorate the baked cookies with colorful icing and cream. No registration required. Time: drop-in between kl. 14-16 Price: 50 kr./5 museumsdollars.


Rosé tasting at Hansson’s Tasting

Summer bake on us. And today you can go on a tour of the golden and bright rosé drops. At the wine tasting, everything from the sweet Zinfandel to the dark red Tavel will be tasted to the crackling crisp, lace-colored Cote de Provence, so you can meet the summer with clear preferences. The event is held in the yard. There will always be an easy way to make sure you do not get too much noise. Because as Italians say, due to fullness, not too much wine, but too little food. The event begins at. 1430, and it is expected that the tasting itself takes 2-2.5 hours. The price for the whole glory 200, – which can be paid via mobilepay to 51593697.


Parkour-inspired family training

For family training Tuesday at the school on La Cours road there will be focus on fun workout time together. There will be both indoor and outdoor training in a creative environment. There will be work on both physical exercise and self-control / mental strength, all in the way of parkour. There will also be climbed in trees and tested new things, which most likely give a little sweat on the forehead. There must be one participating adult per miminum. family, and it costs 65 kroner per participant. Info & possibly. sign up at: 23864782

The family training starts at 18:15 and lasts until 19:30


Wednesday 6th June


Help reduce food waste and win cool prizes with Too Good To Go

At Solbjerg Square you can today between 14 and 19 meet the team behind the popular food app, Too Good To Go, which helps reduce food waste. If you share your best food outfit – you will participate in the competition of 5 meals from Too Good To Go plus 1 night stay for 2 persons at an optional Scandic hotel in the Nordic countries incl. breakfast. The winner is withdrawn at. 18:30. The first 25 contestants receive a voucher for GoMore and the first 10 participants per. Started Hour Get A Beautiful Too Good To Go Mule Bag. All visitors are invited to juicy surplus fruit (as long as stock is available). Also be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram profile, where you can keep in mind when we talk about food waste with blogs and influences Emma Slebsager from the sustainable community Sustain Daily.


Happy dinner: Eat together in KU.BE

From 17.30 you can help to make your day a little more enjoyable and have dinner in some new settings in KU.BE, where there is a good atmosphere, good food and the opportunity to get to know new people. The evening’s setup is a long dinner where you get together and share the food. First Happy Dinner will be Wednesday 6th June at 5.30pm. Future Wednesdays are: Wednesday 4 July and Wednesday 1 August, also at 17.30. The menu is varied everyday with focus on ecology and health. There will also always be a vegetarian edition. Prices Adults 79 SEK Children up to 8 years 49 SEK Children under 2 years are free. Beverages (beer, wine and water) and dessert are bought in the café. Tickets can be purchased in the front desk of KU.BE. We accept mobilepay or card.


Free party: Revymuset is going to the Alhambra

The Alhambra hits the doors on June 7, where everyone is invited to a party. Here, Alhambra’s newly built portal next to Allégade is revealed. And there will be concerts with Ditte Hansen and Copenhagen Phil, Frederiksberg Theater’s children’s choir, and later DJ Rita Blue will be rounded off with theater in the Knights Hall. And then guests will also have the opportunity to taste Alhambra’s very own beer brewed in collaboration with Frederiksberg Bryghus. It all starts at 15. Read more about the Alhambra right here.


Thursday, June 7th


New Danish potatoes – Pop up shop at Allégade

Birkemosegaard comes to Frederiksberg and celebrates the potato season with new Danish potatoes at Allégade 7 in the backyard. There are two varieties with, the early soloist and the luxury potato Anne-Belle. In addition to buying new Danish potatoes, you can become smarter, get samples and get tips and tricks in the world of potatoes – both in cultivation, in the kitchen and at the table. The potato booth is open between 12 and 20.


Guided tour of the Haveselskabets Garden

With its snowy trail systems, mirror pool, water garden and beautiful perennials with dry-drying perennials, Haveselskabet is a real gem. When you stand by the Triton jungle on the lake by the lake, there is a beautiful view of Frederiksberg’s hustle tower on the one hand and to the perennial garden to the other. The original pantyhose hedges that surround the beds in the rose garden, many of the exotic trees also originate from the port’s construction in 1882 and there are walls from the time the area was a vegetable garden to Frederiksberg Castle. Meeting place: Frederiksberg Runddel, at the entrance to Frederiksberg Garden. The trip lasts 1.5 – 2 hours.


The trip goes to … Free authoring at the library

Are you curious about how a travel guide will be? So today you can hear author Ida Ferdinand tell at Frederiksberg’s main library. It takes place between kl. 17-18. Ida Ferdinand has written the trip goes to Crete, the trip goes to Rhodes and Kos, and the trip goes to Samos and Lesbos, Ikaria, Chios, Limnos. She comes to tell about the work of writing the travel books and also shows pictures from the islands. Ferdinand has traveled on the Greek islands for many years and talks about the challenge of having to sit in the tourist place and understand their desire to experience a country. As a rule, a book is written by an author sitting down and writing, but for a travel guide, the writer should be both author, journalist, anthropologist and adventurer. Come and hear about Ida’s experiences. There is free admission without tickets.


Theater edition of Thomas Vinterbergs The Party at the Betty Nansen Theater

Nordic theater edition by Thomas Vinterberg’s film classist The party, where the FESTIVAL takes place in the Faroe Islands with local traditions and rituals. Helge celebrates 65th birthday, and the oldest son, Christian, has written two talks, one yellow and one green. Helge chooses the green. It contains the family’s deepest and most dangerous secret. Helge has abused Christian and his late sister, Linda. Who should they believe? Lyver Christian? Is he mentally ill? The party will play at 20 at the Betty Nansen Theater.


Nordic Performance Art plays Nature Wild on Aveny-T

Soldiers return home. Not for the family and everyday life, but for the woods. After meeting the fires of the war and the border of civilization, they retreat to nature … to the wild side. On the basis of interviews with Danish returning soldiers and their relatives, the story Nature Wild explores in a hybrid between documentary video, electronic beats, opera, indie, dance and performance art … the body’s own sound between the branches that break. The performance is played both at 14 and 22.


Friday, June 8th


FRBDAGE 2018 – whole weekend

The sun shines. Summer is here. And again this year, the whole city celebrates this year’s FRBDAGE this weekend on the 8th-10th. June. Both associations, businessmen, cultural institutions and artists move for three days into the city’s rooms and welcome a wealth of activities and experiences.


Trevor Noah Guest Forum

He is a television host, comedian and political debater daily. And you may know him from The Daily Show, where he has been hosted since 2015. But today, the Trevor Noah Forum.


Common barbecue and theater at the Betty Nansen Theater

It is bloody seriousness. It is a merciless struggle with words. It is a reading of a theater piece built on Ebba Witt-Brattstrøm’s episode of the century’s war of war. The woman is Tina Gylling Mortensen, the man is Søren Setter-Lassen, and with them as players it becomes skinless and scary, but also grotesque and fun. The performance will play both today and tomorrow at the Betty Nansen Theater at 20 o’clock. Today, however, there is a common barbecue shelter before the performance.


Saturday June 9th


Beer festival in front of Lindevang Church

Five small independent breweries present each two of their finest beers to a beer festival in front of Lindevang Church at 11 o’clock. In other words, 5 breweries, 10 fadølshaner! It will be possible to buy both tastings and draft beer. The following breweries are: Spybrew Bad Luck Brewing Company Kongebryg Musicon Mikrobrygger.


Sunday, June 10th


Salsa Sunday in Kedelhallen

Kedelhallen again offers swinging hips and a lot of salsa. From 19:00 and the rest of the evening you can come and attend a variety of dance workshops. It costs 50 kroner to attend, and 10 kroner will be awarded in the study program.

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