Mærkbare is a barefoot shoe store in the center of Copenhagen and we want to try and promote a barefoot lifestyle in Denmark.

​Less shoe – more freedom.

Our bodies are so fundamentally built to move.

A lot of research shows how flexible and adaptable our body is if it has an opportunity to move more frequently and naturally. It’s only when we become sedentary, or when we move in an unnatural way when the problems occur. With problems, we mean both subtle or clear stiffness and pain. For the vast majority of us, it’s all about using our bodies or parts of the body as we should. And in that way increases our well-being and health. We want to encourage you to explore your own way of moving of your amazing body. And to do it as naturally as possible.

Starting from your feet, which is the base of each movement and the body part that has contact with the ground. This is best done by moving barefoot or in a barefoot shoe. As soon as you put on a pair of traditional shoes, your way of walking, standing, moving and running changes.

With our knowledge of the body movement and mobility, we can help you get along well with your feet. Let our shoes be a tool to give you full freedom in your movement and feelings.



Gammel Kongevej 33A

1610 – Copenhagen

Monday – Friday : 11-18:00

Saturday : 10-15:00 


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Tlf: +45 53 80 33 40
E-mail: maerkbare@gmail.com

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