Carne FAMO


Two experiences at Famo are never the same, and this is reflected in the highly professional team behind each of the Famo restaurants, who each leave their personal mark on the restaurants. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to the Famo family – whether it’s for just a single pasta or the full menu. No matter what, your evening at Famo will be filled with flavour, a wonderful chaos, and, of course, a loud “buonasera”.

Carne is Famo’s second restaurant, opened in 2006 on Gammel Kongevej. Famo Carne is a classic osteria, where the atmosphere, the people and the food are given pride and attention. You can sense the Italian vibe as soon as you enter the restaurant, thanks to our chef and his team who will welcome you. You will feel like you just walked into a restaurant in Italy.

restaurant i Frederiksberg københavn


Gammel Kongevej 51
1610 – Copenhagen V

Monday – Saturday 17.30 – 22.00




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Tlf: +45 33 22 22 50

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